Repair Service Agreement


Rather than paying for individual maintenance visits and repair jobs, you can get a service agreement and that is one of the best ways to save money and the best way to accomplish this? Regular inspections by certified contractors so you can relax  that your heating and air conditioning are working at peak performance.

Our residential service agreement customers receive comprehensive biannual inspections and a 15% discount on all repair services. These agreements help you extend the life of your equipment, reduce energy use and improve indoor air quality — all at less cost.


  • Efficiency and Performance. We check for proper operation of your equipment to make sure your system is working at peak performance, saving you money on energy bills.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty. Many manufacturers require regular service to maintain your warranty. When you have a maintenance agreement, we’ll schedule them for you!
  • Biannual Maintenance. Our spring and fall services include vital check-ups on your electrical systems such as coils, capacitors, refrigerant, compressor operations, drain lines, and much more.
  • 15% Discount. Silver service agreement come with a 15% discount on all repair services. For substantial repairs, that discount can really add up!
  • Priority Service. When issues arise, our maintenance agreement customers get priority service. We’ll put you at the front of the line and make sure your needs are taken care of.
  • Safety. We check all safety components to identify any potentially hazardous situation before it becomes a danger.

Repair service agreements fall into three broad categories:

  • Silver service agreement covers only the labor cost usually of either annual or semiannual planned maintenance visits to check, clean, and adjust equipment.
  • Gold  service agreement covers the labor costs for planned maintenance visits and for unplanned repairs.
  • Platinum  service agreement covers priority service, labor costs for both maintenance and repair visits plus costs of selected parts.